The management of PLUS40 would like to thank all the loyal supporters over the past 12 years of operation. The recruitment market has shifted significantly and PLUS40 as a business has run its course. PLUS40 can no longer deliver the sort of benefits to mature age workers that was the initial concept and purpose, therefore it is no longer relevant to the market place.

For recently joined members, PLUS40 apologises for any disappointment caused by the cessation of our service, however commercial reality dictated that the operation close at the end of June.

Many thanks to the employers that have supported us over the years and congratulations to those members we were able to assist with advice and employment over these past 12 years.

As advocates for mature age employment, we remain staunch supporters of the concept of taking full advantage of our members skills and abilities, that can come only with age and experience, in life as well as in employment.

PLUS40 management wish all mature age job seekers every success in your quest for employment or increased employment. And to employers, you cannot afford to ignore mature age workers in your workforce - now and into the future!

Many thanks and goodbye,

PLUS40 Management